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With Contract Lifecycle Management from Magnalane
Manage Your Contracts Easier and Get Intelligent Insights

Manage Contracts Easier

Centralize your contracts and contract templates in one place and improve the use of approved contract terms.

Find contracts in seconds reducing the time it takes to manually search through documents for key terms and clauses.

Quick and easy contract generation reduces the time it takes to manually develop and maintain contracts.

Visibility into the contract at every stage allows you to understand events that drive the growth of your business and make decisions faster.

Seamless redline tracking allows you to capture changes, store them for audit purposes and never miss a modification ever again.

Reduce the time it takes to sign contracts and receive revenue, services, or goods faster.

All the value you want

Recognize immediate value with Magnalane’s easy to use capabilities. Our solution will help you manage risk and gain instant contract visibility in minutes!

Seamless Word Integration

Integrates with Microsoft Word without having to install a thing on your computer. Its like magic!

Improve Contracting Productivity

Speed up contract creation process
Automatically generate contractual language
Handles complex multi-party language

Eliminates Data Errors and Maintains Data Integrity

One place for storing all your documents
Robust version and revision tracking
Data consistency within contract records

Workflow Efficiency

Detailed online collaboration
Online contract approvals and reviews
Creation of any task that meets your business requirements
Real time audit trail

Reminders and Alerts

Online workflow reminders
Email notifications
Obligation reminders

Searching and Reporting

Interactive searching
Real time dashboards
Excel reporting

Smart Document Audit Trail

Tracks the history of all changes to your word document and stores them for audit purposes automatically.
You are now able to always go back understand the journey and story of any negotiation.

Powerful yet simple


Fully hosted and secure

We understand that in today’s complex environment, you need to focus on more secure solutions that deliver value. We at Magnalane take security very seriously and ensure a secure environment for your business so you can focus on the things that matter to your business’s future.


Magnalane can handle all contracts in a global enterprise in any vertical and industry you can imagine. We are certified for exteeme data volumes to support the largest global deployments possible.

Seamless Integration

Magnalane offers seamless integration architecture to manage different types of integration points across the enterprise. With our out of the box webservices, integration is fast, seamless and easy to use.

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